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Kyle Ehman, Board Manager

Kyle has been and is presently the President of Southwest Greens International (SWGI) since 2006. In June 2012, he was named a Board Manager for Watershed Geosynthetics. He has extensive experience in new business development, strategic planning and sales management by driving sales/marketing efforts to grow sales through various distribution channels.

Kyle started the Southwest Greens of Indiana franchise in June of 2003, then quickly realized the potential opportunity the synthetic turf business presented. Subsequently, he became a partner in the Southwest Greens corporate entity (SPGT) based out of Scottsdale AZ.  He relocated to Atlanta, GA in February of 2008 when a group of investors led by John Smoltz (legendary Atlanta Braves pitcher) purchased the company. Realizing the need to be vertically integrated with manufacturing, SWGI was then sold to Shaw Industries in June of 2011. As an expansion of the division, Shaw Turf partnered with Watershed Geo® in 2011 to become its exclusive provider of synthetic turf in 2011.