Lateral Miagration Due to Excell Sediment Erosion

Hydraulic forces from storm water runoff can cause significant erosion and scour of channels and streambanks. The majority of natural streams migrate laterally without impacting the stream’s surroundings, both upstream as well as downstream. Lateral migration can become an issue when the stability of nearby infrastructures is endangered due to excess sediment erosion.

HydroTurf Revetment Technology

Watershed Geo® has designed and constructed two specific products, HydroTurf® Z and HydroTurf® CS, which are specially engineered revetment systems to be used as articulated concrete block replacements. The HydroTurf® revetment technology is engineered to resist erosive forces under high velocity conditions, even on steep grade applications. HydroTurf® provides the best of both worlds—the aesthetics of vegetation with the protection of a hard armor revetment at less expense.