Golf Turf Revetment System

Used by Top Golf Courses throughout the world, the HydroTurf® Revetment System is the ideal solution for courses where natural vegetation takes a beating and is difficult to establish and maintain. These high-traffic and erosion-prone areas include: cart paths, maintenance paths, lake and pond shorelines, drainage channels and outfall protection.

HydroTurf Golf Brochure

HydroTurf on Golf Banks

Because of this, Watershed Geo® has designed specialized product solutions for golf courses. HydroTurf® offers the look of real grass but with the added functionality of hard armor erosion control applications that address issues involving rising and declining water levels on lake banks or cart path termination points where natural grass fails to grow. With artificial turf technology used in sports such as football, lacrosse, baseball and golf, Watershed Geo® has engineered effective solutions that fit nicely in a golf course superintendent’s repertoire of erosion solutions.

HydroTurf on golf course lake banks

The best golf courses are always designed and constructed to successfully direct (and tolerate) nonstop foot traffic. Watershed Geo® has used its years of experience in the industry to design and construct HydroTurf®, a specially engineered armoring system that can be installed wherever the grass areas situated around walkways, golf cart paths and lake banks have thinned and/or will not grow. Both HydroTurf® CS and HydroTurf® Z are ideal for any golf course design that requires a hard-armored yet aesthetically pleasing grass solution, particularly if the location suffers from dead vegetation or rutting.