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ArmorFill® Benchless Designs

ArmorFill® is another award-winning innovation to improve the environment, reduce costs and provide long-term performance and predictability.  It binds the sand infill component of ClosureTurf® for extreme hydraulic performance.  It also allows the entire cap to sheet flow to the perimeter ditches, eliminating the need for diversion berms, benches and downslope channels.  This cutting edge technology creates major cost savings in the design, including:

  • Reduction/elimination of diversion berms and down slope channels
  • Reduction/elimination of energy dissipation devices with long time of concentrations
  • Reduction/elimination of sediment storage and water quality volumes
  • Detention of storm water rather than Retention allowing for smaller pond volume
  • Reduction/elimination of maintenance
  • Eliminates geosynthetic drainage layer
Typical Hydrology Design

In a typical landfill design, the goal is to mitigate the volume and sheer forces of water with diversion berms by channelizing it to help convey it off of the cover system.  These benches direct water to downchutes and the downchutes direct to retention ponds to hold and settle out the sediment with traditional vegetated caps.  These ponds are smaller with ClosureTurf caps because the runoff does not require settlement.

Take an up-close look at our latest benchless cover design.
ClosureTurf® with ArmorFill® Design

The ClosureTurf with ArmorFill design eliminates the critical slope length issue because the sand is bound in place.  Diversion berms and downslope channels are no longer needed because the stormwater is kept in sheet and shallow concentrated flow.  Detention settlement is unnecessary and the perimeter ditch can discharge directly offsite.