ClosureTurf® Advantages

Long Life – The three durable, high-strength system components ensure a long-life of protection against operational and natural forces while maintaining an excellent appearance with greatly reduced maintenance.

Rapid Capping – ClosureTurf® allows for faster capping during the operational life of the landfill. Faster capping reduces odors, improves gas collection efficiency and enhances compliance with Title V air quality rules.

Soil Cover Savings – ClosureTurf® eliminates the need for high maintenance vegetative soil covers and increases weather resistance. Since final cover soils are challenging to locate and expensive to place in the final stages of the landfill’s lifespan, the resulting savings can be significant.

Environmentally Friendly – The ClosureTurf® system is better for landfills in sensitive areas where soil erosion and sedimentation are a major concern. Soil loss is non-existent during operations and post-closure. Eliminates the need for borrow sources, and siltation ponds can be converted to simple stormwater retention ponds. As a direct result, associated environmental construction impacts are much easier to manage.

Steeper Waste Slopes – Since soil stability problems either through earthquake or gas pressure buildup is reduced, steeper waste slopes can be used.

Weather Resistant – The components of the ClosureTurf® system work in conjunction to seal the waste mass from the destructive forces of high rainfall intensities and hurricane force winds.

Reduced Wildlife Impacts – By reducing organic matter and food sources, fewer animals, including birds, are attracted to the site. This is important at landfills located in coastal areas or near airports. Because the components of the ClosureTurf® system do not pass the animals’ smell/taste test, they do not usually bother with it.

Eliminates Cap Infiltration – Since surface water is not restricted by the hydraulic conductivity of a vegetative cover drainage system, and can no longer infiltrate into the waste, leachate production is cut off at the source.

Enhanced Visual Inspection – Because the synthetic materials are not covered with thick soil profiles, they are easily inspected for damage; which, if identified, may be easily and inexpensively repaired. Also, most damage to synthetic caps is done by earthwork equipment during soil placement. By replacing the soil layer with ClosureTurf®, this is no longer an issue.

Easier Reclamation Access – Landfill materials are readily accessible in the event of landfill reclamation for future piggyback areas or future waste lifts due to waste settlement or vertical expansion. The composite nature of the ClosureTurf® system allows owners access to the waste without having to remove the existing cover soils of a typical and traditional final cover system.