ClosureTurf® Financial Overview

DISCLAIMER:   Financials are provided as a guide for budgeting purposes only. Labor & Material rates can vary significantly based on geographic location, size of project, geometry of site (slope, anchor trenches and tie-ins) and the procurement process.  However, Watershed Geo is happy to provide you with a firm quotation for your project if you prefer.  In addition, we are able to contract directly with public and private entities for both material sales and/or installations.  As a member of the National Joint Powers Alliance (NJPA), we are able to satisfy the public bid requirements directly for most public agencies.  Please contact Watershed Geo for details.

Steep Slopes or Seismic

50 mil Structured High-Friction Geomembrane

Engineered Turf

Specified Infill

Material Only: From $1.60/ft2

Furnish & Install: From $93k/acre

Typical Applications

40 mil Structured Geomembrane

Engineered Turf

Specified Infill

Material Only: From $1.35/ft2

Furnish & Install: From $79k/acre


*Pricing for Furnish & Install includes the following:

  • Geomembrane, engineered turf material and infill
  • Installation of geomembrane, engineered turf material and infill
  • Surficial gas collection
  • Freight
  • Mobilization
  • Demobilization
  • Up to but not exceeding 12% scrap and overlap (geomembrane & engineered turf)


 *Pricing for Furnish & Install DOES NOT included the following:

  • Hydrobinder® installation that replaces rip rap or drainage piping in downchutes and other high hydraulic flow areas
  • Scrap and overlap exceeding 12%
  • TRADITIONAL EARTHWORK ELEMENTS that are required in preparation for Final Closure regardless if ClosureTurf® or Traditional Sub-Title D Vegetative Cap closure methods are used, including:
  • Mobilization/demobilization (earthwork only)
  • General conditions
  • Erosion conditions
  • Clearing & grading
  • Waste relocation
  • General cut
  • General fill
  • Diversion berms
  • Gas Collection Containment Systems (GCCS)
  • Grading Ditches/Downchutes
  • Anchor Trenches


*Pricing is based upon the following:

  • Resin pricing indexed to 3Q2016
  • Union/prevailing wage, add $0.25-0.50/SF