ClosureTurf® Performance Benefits

ClosureTurf® is an environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing engineered turf final cover system designed for performance well beyond the post-closure maintenance period.  Over a period of several years and after many trials under extreme conditions, we developed the optimal technology found in ClosureTurf.

It has been extensively tested in independent laboratories and real-world applications for performance and durability. The system is engineered to exceed EPA’s Subtitle D cover system requirements.  Also, it eliminates the challenges and common failure modes of traditional vegetative cover systems such as erosion and drainage control, veneer slope stability, and post-closure maintenance.

The engineered turf technology was originally developed for professional sports venues. Over the last decade the market has expanded and the technology has improved significantly.  The latest generation of polyethylene turf material now provides excellent long term residual strength and color durability against UV light.

ClosureTurf significantly outperforms current closure methods at a lower cost by combining the exceptional UV resistance technology of the engineered turf, the stability of the “locked in” sand infill, high friction coefficients, and superior erosion protection while providing high flow transmissivity on the structured geomembrane.

The clickable links below provide detailed descriptions, images and important information of the ClosureTurf  performance advantages: