Environmental Erosion Control Applications


Our specialized erosion control-related products assist with environmental matters that call for the implementation of:

  • Erosion control solutions
  • Erosion management solutions
  • Soil control solutions
  • Soil stabilization solutions
  • Slope stabilization solutions
  • Sediment erosion control solutions

Erosion Control and Management Solutions

Soil erosion has become an increasingly serious part of our lives in recent years, and it will only become more significant as time progresses. The most significant contributing factor is the perpetual expansion of the human population, which naturally results in land resources gradually becoming utilized more intensively over time, to the point of no return in many places around the world. In the majority of areas, soil erosion has had a substantial effect on the precious water resources that humans and animals rely on, resulting in a decreased quality of drinking water due to the presence of harmful contaminants.

Watershed Geo constructs effective erosion control and management solutions for rural and urban settings around North America. This includes land stabilization methods that rectify soil loss and bank erosion, predominantly along coastlines. Preventing the removal of sediment as well as the deployment of effective soil and slope stabilization practices has become an increasingly vital part of the health and dependability of the planet’s valuable resources, and we focus our research on the design and production of solutions that are able to assist with soil control and erosion management issues.

Photo showing Watershed Geo Effective Erosion Control and Management Solutions

Effective Erosion Control and Management Solutions

Our Specialist Products

ClosureTurf Logo, HydroTurf Logo, VersaCap Logo for erosion problemsWhether it’s because of the gradual elimination of vegetation due to adverse weather conditions, the erosion of rock surfaces along riverbanks, an increase in flooding, the reduction of landfill soil fertility, or greater levels of rainfall runoff, soil erosion control is becoming evermore necessary throughout many different environments. We are aware of this and dedicate ourselves to contributing our years of expertise in the industry to constructing and manufacturing durable sediment erosion control applications that require almost no maintenance while at the same time combating these severe types of environmental issues.

Our specialist products are all internationally-patented (patent pending) and stringently tested to provide you with the best techniques to help with soil and sediment erosion as well as slope weaknesses that typically create environmental issues, such as turbidity and storm water runoff.

  • VersaCap™ is an engineered turf product utilized for intermediate landfill covers. It can last up to 15 years and reduces leachate and gas emissions.
  • ClosureTurf® is an innovative final cover system (Subtitle D compliant) for landfills that uses a geomembrane in conjunction with a synthetic turf top layer that is attached to woven geotextile. Synthetic turf was first installed as a landfill final cover system in Louisiana, and new installations are appearing all the time in landfills around California, Florida, Texas, Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee, Massachusetts, New York, Delaware, Connecticut, Washington and Missouri.
  • HydroTurf® CS is a structured, textured geomembranes that is specially formulated to line the down-chutes of both Subtitle D and non-Subtitle D landfills. The purpose is to concentrate water into these high flow down-chute areas from the top deck of the landfill, with HydroTurf™ CS capable of handling high sheer forces and high volume flows.

Watershed Geo, a Georgia-based company located in Alpharetta, creates and manufactures engineered products that attempt to solve the Earth’s greatest challenges.

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