Brownfield Land Toxic Waste Management Solutions

Brownfield Land Toxic Waste

Brownfield Land Toxic Waste

Brownfields involve the expansion, redevelopment or reuse of property that may be complicated by the presence – or potential presence – of a hazardous waste substance, pollutant or contaminant (as defined by the Environmental Protection Agency). Nowadays, with space becoming scarcer, brownfield sites that contain pollution and/or toxic waste often become targets for new business, public housing and school developments. After brownfield redevelopment clean-up has been completed, the most popular uses for the land are industrial operations, commercial areas and renewable energy sites.

By cleaning up the surrounding areas, brownfield revitalization offers abandoned properties the chance to become more productive, industrious and eco-friendly. Many brownfield redevelopment projects create sustainable solutions, such as solar panel array integration to make the revitalization of a landfill into a renewable energy source. Another example of brownfield revitalization is Atlantic Station, located in Midtown Atlanta, GA. Atlantic Station employed brownfield revitalization guideposts to develop a live-work-play community development on a 138-acre former steel mill site.

Brownfield Revitalization and Remediation Solutions

Watershed Geo designs, manufactures and develops some of the most effective brownfield revitalization and remediation solutions in the marketplace today. Our exceptional brownfield land hazardous waste management products can restore the land to its former glory, turning it into an environmentally beneficial cornerstone of the community. For example, we can take a toxic brownfield and turn it into a renewable energy site that reinvests electricity back into nearby neighborhoods.

Our exceptional ClosureTurf® and VersaCap™ products cap and seal off brownfields land. In addition, due to the impermeable geomembrane’s of both products, they can be used as a stable base on which to place a solar panel array. Should renewable energy sites not be one of your chosen solutions, their impermeable nature can also help to seal in toxic substances and limit further stormwater infiltration.

ClosureTurf™ Solar Array

ClosureTurf® Solar Array

ClosureTurf is an engineered Subtitle D compliant system that has been designed by Watershed Geo to address soil erosion problems and uphold slope integrity. Its inimitable horizontal surficial gas system also offers a more efficient process of reducing gas emissions than other landfill closure systems. ClosureTurf from Watershed Geo ensures the longevity of final landfill closures (incremental or full closures).

VersaCap™ Landfills

VersaCap™ Landfills

VersaCap is an engineered turf landfill cover featuring a strong polyethylene geomembrane backing that decreases soil erosion as well as reducing the production of unpleasant gas odors and landfill leachate. Unlike traditional exposed geomembrane covers, a VersaCap installation from Watershed Geo can last more than a decade.