Municipal Solid Waste Landfill Management

Municipal Solid Waste Application

Municipal Solid Waste Application

Traditional approaches to municipal solid waste landfill closures have customarily involved the use of a vegetative cover. However, many of these cover systems have failed as a result of excessive erosion, gas pressure buildup, earthquake loads, poor maintenance and inadequate oversight procedures after site closure. In response to numerous failures of these municipal solid waste landfill closure systems as well as associated rising costs, engineers have attempted to create a more stable and environmentally sound solution for years.

An old solution to address cover failures and the associated environmental impacts is the implementation of exposed geomembranes. The downside is that exposed geomembrane cover systems are costly to maintain, and are not wind resistant or aesthetically pleasing. For these reasons, many state agencies do not grant final cover status to exposed geomembrane cover systems. After all, the geomembrane is still exposed to the elements for the entire duration of the application.

The best approach still involves covering and protecting the underlying geomembrane; instead of using two feet of soil to do it, it can be done with ClosureTurf®. ClosureTurf is a specialized tufted geotextile (“engineered turf”) that has been infilled with sand and engineered to perform better than traditional soil covers.

Benefits of Watershed Geo Municipal Solid Waste Management Solutions

Watershed Geo designs and manufactures municipal solid waste management products that provide exemplary solutions to solid waste landfills, offering benefits such as:

  • Safer and more sanitary landfill areas
  • Reducing landfill methane gas emissions
  • Reducing the production of landfill leachate
  • Improving stormwater run-off

Municipal Solid Waste ClosureTurf™ MSW Application

Municipal Solid Waste ClosureTurf MSW Application

ClosureTurf is an engineered Subtitle D compliant system that is specifically designed to address and solve soil erosion failure and gas system failure, promote slope integrity, and reduce gas emissions. Furthermore, its unique horizontal surficial gas system offers a far more effective and efficient process of collecting gas emissions than the labor-intensive vertical system of pipes and wells that are routinely employed by traditional landfill closure systems. It also ensures the longevity and durability of waste landfills, and is suitable for final landfill closures (full closures or incremental closures). ClosureTurf is effective in managing industrial solid waste, municipal solid waste, hazardous waste and coal combustion residuals.

Municipal Solid Waste VersaCap™ MSW Application

Municipal Solid Waste VersaCap™ MSW Application

VersaCap™ is an engineered turf landfill cover that, unlike other traditional exposed geomembrane covers, does not have to be replaced in the future. Its strong polyethylene (PE) geomembrane backing assists in gas collection early in the landfill cycle, reduces leachate, decreases soil erosion and limits gas odor. A VersaCap installation can last a decade or longer, which means a significant reduction in maintenance expenses.

Watershed Geo is an Alpharetta, Georgia-based geosynthetic company that specializes in a range of industrial landfill waste management and disposal solutions. For more information about the products we design and manufacture, please contact us today.