ClosureTurf Landfill Cover System FAQ’s

ClosureTurf™ Landfill Cover System LogoDesigned and constructed by Watershed Geo, ClosureTurf is a Subtitle D landfill erosion control capping system that addresses soil erosion and slope stability. Our landfill cover systems have proven more environmentally stable than traditional vegetative and soil solutions, and successfully reduce landfill gas emissions much more than traditional Subtitle D vegetative covers or non-similar exposed geomembrane systems on the market. The two main geosynthetic components combined to create ClosureTurf are the engineered synthetic turf top layer and the structured geomembrane.

Can ClosureTurf Endure Adverse Weather Conditions?

Since rainfall penetrates synthetic grass installations so quickly, Watershed Geo rigorously tests ClosureTurf to ensure its resilience. Its sand infill remains stable on steep slopes through all types of extreme weather and has even handled a 20″ rain event in Florida over a 24 hour period with only nominal sand infill displacement. Independent rainfall infiltration tests have proven that ClosureTurf’s engineered turf layer works to “lock” the anchored infill in place. ClosureTurf is able to handle intense wind force levels via a porous surface that tempers the vacuum, while each of the material’s turf fibers helps increase aerodynamic boundary conditions.

How Stable Is A ClosureTurf Cover System?

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ClosureTurf features high friction ballast that decreases the possibility of sliding, which means that the majority of rubber tire vehicles can drive on its surface with no problems. It is safe for vehicles with 60-PSI tire pressure (on 3:1 slopes) and vehicles with 90-PSI tire pressure (on flatter slopes) to drive on the surface. In a wind tunnel study performed by the Georgia Tech Research Institute, ClosureTurf was tested to see if it could endure winds traveling more than 120mph (hurricane category winds). The results showed that its internal composition withstood these severe wind speeds without any internal anchoring or uplift.

What Are Some Of The Environmental Applications That ClosureTurf Is Utilized For?

The purpose of ClosureTurf is to simultaneously reduce soil erosion maintenance expenses and improve the structural integrity of the landfill site. This patented closure system is typically used for MSW landfills (Municipal Solid Waste), industrial landfills, construction debris landfills, coal ash impoundments, coal ash landfills, paper sludge landfills, cement kiln dust (CKD) landfills, and other miscellaneous industrial solid waste landfill closures. For example, Saufley Field Landfill recently won the SWANA Silver Award for Landfill Remediation using ClosureTurf.

Is a ClosureTurf Capping System Suitable For Solar Panel Arrays?

ClosureTurf® Landcover Cove

ClosureTurf® Landcover Cover

ClosureTurf can also be used in conjunction with solar panel arrays located in landfill sites to turn an area typically viewed as a liability into an income-producing renewable energy asset. ClosureTurf’s landfill capping system enables solar panels to operate in places free from dust and grass clippings, and its heavy load-bearing platform provides easy access for both installation and upkeep, such as when solar panels need to be cleaned or replaced.

How Long Will The Engineered Turf Layer Last?

Based on extensive testing, research indicates that our turf tolerates exposure to severe UV conditions for up to 50 years. Each engineered turf fiber is projected to have 75% retained tensile strength after 30 years due to the UV resistant extruded fibers.