HydroTurf Erosion Control Solutions FAQs

HydroTurf’s Engineered Revetment Erosion Control System

HydroTurf’s Engineered Revetment Erosion Control System

HydroTurf’s engineered revetment erosion control system has been designed to assist with levee stabilization as well as shoreline, embankment, levee and flood bank protection. This advanced revetment system features two separate components; an engineered turf layer and a structured polyethylene (PE) geomembrane. The turf looks and feels like real grass, and is specially constructed from polyethylene components that provide lasting residual strength and durability against UV degradation. A HydroTurf installation also means a carbon footprint that is lower than other engineered revetment solutions by more than 75%.

Is The HydroTurf Installation Process Straightforward?

HydroTurf is a revetment system that is designed to offer long-term hard armoring performance with a side benefit of looking like real grass. Installation costs are significantly less than conventional hard levee armor systems made with concrete, rock rip rap or articulated concrete blocks, and the entire process is quick, low impact and scalable, with only lightweight equipment required.

How Resilient Is HydroTurf?

Boasting durability and dependability under extreme conditions, HydroTurf outperforms many other hard armor revetment systems available on the market. HydroTurf has been extensively tested in the laboratory and project applications for extreme performance and real world durability. From extensive 5-ft overtopping to 500-year simulated hurricanes, HydroTurf has established a new standard in the most comprehensive array of testing in the industry.

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Hydraulic Testing:

  • Steady State Overtop Testing Performed at Colorado
  • State University’s Engineering Research Center
  • Hydraulic Jump
  • Simulated Heavy Debris Loads
  • Intentionally Damaged Conditions
  • Full Scale Wave Overtopping

Other Testing and Evaluations:

  • Aerodynamic Wind Tunnel
  • Weathering and Functional Longevity
  • Vehicle Loading
  • Carbon Footprint

What is HydroTurf Z™ Z and HydroTurf Z™ CS?

Golf Course HydroTurf Z Erosion Solution

Golf Course HydroTurf Z Erosion Solution

Taking erosion control to a new level, HydroTurf Z and HydroTurf CS are used for different applications, including golf course walkways and cart paths, dam slopes and spillways, outfall structures, embankments, canals, reservoirs, swales, and levee protection. HydroTurf CS is normally utilized in high velocity conditions for structural protection, while HydroTurf Z is for less critical applications involving lower velocities and flow conditions.

HydroTurf has a lifespan of upwards of 50 years and is manufactured by Watershed Geo to provide exceptional versatility and stability. If you are interested in hearing more about HydroTurf Z and HydroTurf CS, please contact us today!