Watershed Geo TerraArmor™ FAQs

TurfWall™ Resistant Retaining Wall

TerraArmor Resistant Retaining Wall

Watershed Geo designs and constructs a number of applications that are composed of engineered turf, structured geomembranes and specialized infills for environmental and civil markets.

Watershed Geo offer retaining wall products that actively increase the aesthetic appeal of a location and are designed to solve erosion issues involving ground stability, slope retention and surface water management.

What Does A TerraArmor Installation Offer?

TerraArmor helps to maintain the structural integrity of retaining walls and other environmental containment applications by covering the secondary reinforcement with a layer of engineered turf. Featuring an attached polyethylene (PE) geomembrane, it improves wall stability and makes the area look more natural. TerraArmor installations effortlessly improve the appearance and performance of old and new walls.

What Are Some Of The Environmental Applications That TerraArmor Is Used For?

TurfWall™ MSE Wall Natural Vegetative Armor Failing

TerraArmor MSE Wall Natural Vegetative Armor Failing

TerraArmor is a hard-wearing artificial ground covering that is being increasingly adopted in many erosion control applications, including MSE (Mechanically Stabilized Earth) walls.

Manufactured using polyethylene synthetic fibers and geomembrane-backed systems designed exclusively for this application, TerraArmor can guard affected areas against erosion for a decade and beyond given the right conditions.

Is TerraArmor UV Resistant?

TerraArmor’s secondary reinforcement system boasts an erosion resistant cover that visibly enhances and augments an MSE wall’s overall lifespan. The length and density of the grass pile on its top layer is designed to offer cover protection that effectively shields and shades the secondary reinforcement in equal measure.

TurfWall™ UV resistant protects against water and wind erosion

TerraArmor UV resistant protects against water and wind erosion

As green, luscious and natural-looking as real grass, our earth wall armoring applications provide full cover protection and help to stabilize foundations against water erosion, wind erosion, and other adverse weather conditions.

TerraArmor is extremely versatile and offers artificial stabilization for weak and/or aged seawalls, dams, and bridge abutments, as well as newly-constructed MSE walls.