VersaCap Erosion Control Geomembrane Covers FAQs

VersaCap™ Erosion Control logoVersaCap Erosion Control Geomembrane Covers are comprised of an engineered turf and permanently attached to a high strength polymer backing typically used for the following landfill applications:

  • Landfill gas collection
  • Landfill odor control
  • Landfill leachate control
  • Landfill waste control
  • Erosion control
  • Intermediate landfill waste covers
  • Temporary stockpile covers

What is VersaCap Erosion Control Geomembrane?

VersaCap from Watershed Geo is a gas collection and erosion control product that has been manufactured to increase the amount of gas collected early in the life of the landfill while also reducing the potential for landfill leachate production. An engineered turf system with a polyethylene (PE) backing, it also decreases the presence of unpleasant gas odors due to the organic breakdown of solid waste matter. VersaCap‘s geomembrane covers can be utilized by temporary/intermediate landfill and waste stockpile locations, and last up to 10 years.

What Are Some Of The Environmental Applications That VersaCap® Is Utilized For?

VersaCap is designed and constructed to trap and transmit fugitive landfill gas emissions, reduce air pollution, and decrease maintenance costs over the lifespan of the landfill while also reducing leachate.

Does VersaCap Save On Operational And Maintenance Costs?

VersaCap Landfills eliminates downstream siltation and produces cleaner runoffs

VersaCap Landfills eliminates downstream siltation and produces cleaner runoffs

On average, VersaCap reduces soil erosion by between three and five tons per acre every year, as well as annually decreasing leachate production by almost 10,000 gallons. Compared to conventional soil caps, VersaCap effectively cuts costs involving erosion repairs. It also alleviates impact from excess groundwater and helps to eliminate downstream siltation, resulting in cleaner runoff and sediment ponds as the storm water is transferred to the pond.

Once Installed, Can VersaCap Geomembrane Covers Be Moved and Used Elsewhere?

The membrane itself can be removed and then redeployed in other areas any time in the future because its seams are welded instead of sewn together, which offers increased strength and stability. This means that, unlike other exposed geomembrane covers, VersaCap does not need to be weighted down with ballast. Instead, given that it is a tufted wind resistant geomembrane, it only needs to be secured by existing benches or by shallow trenching (if benching is not appropriate).

Can VersaCap Geomembrane Covers Be Used In Conjunction With HydroBinder® For Increased Performance Levels?

VersaCap Geotechnical Engineering

VersaCap Landfill Covers

VersaCap can be combined with HydroBinder®, a proprietary pozzolanic infill, to create HydroTurf Z. This special blend boasts an increased lifetime of more than 50 years. This makes VersaCap one of the most dependable landfill covers available on the market today!

Watershed Geo uses its years of experience in the engineered turf industry to design and construct geomembrane products that can be applied to many environmental and civil projects, such as our leachate and landfill gas odor control applications.