HydroTurf Advantages

Excellent Hydraulic PerformanceHydroTurf has been extensively tested in full-scale laboratories and project applications for extreme hydraulic performance.

50+ Year Functional Longevity – Through long-term weathering tests, HydroTurf is designed to have a 50+ year functional longevity when properly maintained.

Less Costly ConstructionHydroTurf is significantly less costly than hard armor revetment systems (e.g. concrete, rock riprap, and articulated concrete block). Installed cost for HydroTurf is typically up to 50% less than that for traditional hard armor systems.

Rapid, Low Impact and Scalable Construction – Construction and installation of the HydroTurf system are rapid, low impact and scalable. Only small, light-weight construction equipment is needed for installation. On large projects, one (1) construction crew is able to install approximately 1 acre per day. Additional crews can be added to increase this rate.

Significant Long Term Maintenance Cost Savings – Vegetation management and erosion control are significant maintenance costs for Anchored Turf Reinforcement Mat (TRM) products. Maintenance costs for these TRMs may be as high as $1,500/acre/year. HydroTurf requires minimal maintenance and will drastically lower long-term maintenance budgets.

Reduction in Carbon FootprintHydroTurf has a lower carbon footprint (75 to 85%) less than that of other traditional hardened revetment solutions.

AestheticsHydroTurf looks and feels like natural vegetation.