Engineers continually look for new approaches to establish a more physically stable and environmentally sustainable solution for erosion protection.  Since the construction of traditional hard armor revetments requires the use of heavy civil construction equipment, large borrow sites for aggregate, trucking / hauling long distances, and large amounts of natural resources, these systems have negative impacts to the environment.  The construction of the HydroTurf® Revetment System is low impact.  It needs only lightweight equipment and uses minimal natural resources.  Therefore, HydroTurf has environmental and sustainability benefits over other systems.

The benefits were evaluated by comparing the carbon footprint for various revetment systems.  HydroTurf produces approximately ¼ to 1/8 the number of pounds of CO2 of the other hardened revetment systems as shown in the graph below.

carbon footprint for various revetment systems Graph for HydroTurf