Project Description

B&W Pantex Texas – Landfill Cover System

B&W Pantex Department of Energy Landfill Amarillo TX, ClosureTurf Hazardous Waste Landfill Closure
B&W Pantex Landfill
B&W Pantex Landfill
  • Project: B&W Pantex Landfill
  • Location: Amarillo, TX
  • Type: Hazardous Waste Landfill Closure
  • Owner: B&W Pantex (Department of Energy)
  • ClosureTurf Size: 3.9 acres
  • Completed: 2014

The ongoing challenge at the Pantex Plant was constant maintenance of the pre-existing cap due to wind and water erosion of the existing landfill cap. The existing landfill cap consists of 2‐4 feet of clean borrow material that created a barrier between the landfill debris and the general public or industrial workers.

Landfill 1 SWMU 68b background:
Sanitary waste, construction debris, and ash residues from activities at the Burning Grounds, were disposed at Landfill 1 (USACE/Jacobs 1996b). Debris visually identified during investigative activities at the landfill included burned wood, wire, metal pieces, plastic, asphalt, paper, Styrofoam®, ash, glass, brick, tile, concrete, and asbestos‐containing material. Landfill 1 was used as a general purpose sanitary landfill and is located in the northeast portion of the Pantex Plant. Landfill 1 is approximately 600 feet by 250 feet by 18 feet in depth and was active from 1952 to 1967.