Project Description

George Air Force Base – Landfill Erosion Control

George Air Force Base HydroTurf
George Air Force Base HydroTurf
George Air Force Base HydroTurf
George Air Force Base HydroTurf
  • Project: George Air Force Base
  • Project Type: MUNICIPAL SOLID WASTE Landfill and Industrial Closure
  • Location: Victorville, CA
  • Owner: George Air Force Base, U.S.
  • Completion: January 2014
  • Size: 4 Acres (174,240 sq ft)

WatershedGeo® recently closed EPA Superfund Site LF-14 at George Air Force Base with HydroTurf® as its landfill closure medium. This site received all the Air Force base’s wastes (lube oil, paint, lacquer, naphthalene, PD-680, TCE, cleaning fluids, batteries, fire-fighting foam, hydraulic fluid, etc.) since the base opened in 1941 and closed to military use in 1993.

The original soil cap suffered from severe erosion damage thus exposing waste. The site was a also a high potential risk to ecological receptors. Restoration of the surface was considered in the OU 3 Feasibility Study. Calvin C. Cox of Cherokee Nation Technology Solutions (CNTS) states “the color selections of HydroTurf® the slope stability materials were well thought of for a perfect fit in the surrounding native landscape”.

The landfill surfaces were restored with an objective to control surface water run-off and prevent future erosion damage and waste exposure. Steep slope areas were severely eroded with some as deep as 6-ft scars.
Both the East Slope and Southeast Slope of the landfill were severely eroded. The landfill was restored with over 4 acres of HydroTurf® Advanced Revetment Technology. HydroTurf® is an engineered revetment solution specifically designed to provide armoring of hydraulic structures against high velocity and shear stress. HydroTurf® provides an impermeable geomembrane protected by engineered turf which is infilled with HydroBinder™, resulting in a fiber reinforced high-strength concrete matrix. Construction of the system is rapid, low impact and scalable, reducing the carbon footprint.

“HydroTurf® was the perfect product solution for George Air Force Base landfill erosion challenges. It offers the aesthetics of blending in with the natural vegetation as Chris mentioned, combined with better performance than a traditional Sub-Title D vegetative cap or various hard armor solutions”, stated Mike Ayers, President of Watershed Geo®.