Project Description

Louisa County Virginia – Municipal Solid Waste Landfill Cover

  • Project: Louisa County Landfill
  • Location: Mineral, VA
  • Project Type: Municipal Solid Waste Landfill
  • Owner: Louisa County
  • ClosureTurf Size: 17 acres
  • HydroTurf Size: 60,000 sq.ft.
  • Completed: 2015
  • Project Profile: Louisa County Landfill Project Profile

Louisa County Landfill Closure Project an inactive 17-acre Municipal Solid Waste Final Closure cover system located in Mineral, VA. The site is the first application in the state to use ClosureTurf® as an EPA Subtitle D compliant landfill closure system. Joyce Engineering applied for and received final approval for the ClosureTurf® system as the final closure. The 18-acre site is an unlined Municipal Solid Waste site. Louisa County initially installed a partial closure utilizing a GCL and a 1.5-foot vegetative soil layer. Major issues for Louisa County were long-term environmental protection with the ground water, soil erosion and long term post closure maintenance. ClosureTurf® was selected as the long-term closure system to manage the rainfall infiltration, eliminate soil erosion, reduce post closure maintenance costs, increase slope integrity and drivable access.