Crazy Horse Landfill

Crazy Horse Landfill

  • Location: Salinas, CA
  • Owner: Salinas Valley Solid Waste Authority
  • Completion: 2011-2012
  • Size: 65 acres

Situated adjacent to the San Andreas Fault in California, the Crazy Horse Landfill in Salinas, CA, required a solution that would enable capping without modifying steep slopes of 2.25H:1V.  And, since most available borrow soil was expensive and environmentally impacted with agricultural chemicals, the site was especially challenged in producing surface water quality that met the regulations.  The 65-acre landfill is also situated in a residential area that demanded a final cover system that was aesthetically-pleasing and not subjected to on-going erosion and maintenance noise.

Installation of the ClosureTurf™ system was successfully achieved with currently developed steep slopes under earthquake loading, eliminating 26,000 truck trips that would have been required for a traditional vegetative system.  This not only equates to labor, fuel and borrow soil cost savings, but also helped the landfill achieve a 75% reduction in its carbon footprint during construction.

ClosureTurf’s signature turf covering and sand ballast combination provided clean recharge to the water table by effectively filtering rainfall and improving storm water runoff by eliminating nitrates.  And, the final closure surface provided the perfect foundation for a universal solar panel racking system – clean of dust and grass clippings and strong enough for truck access during installation and maintenance.

“We’ve been extremely impressed with the stability of our slopes and quality of the water runoff.  Plans now include a 2 mega-watt solar array system down the road, which will mean this land will produce renewable energy source that gives back to the environment.”

Dave Meza P.E. Project Manager Salinas Valley Solid Waste Authority