Coal Ash Closures with Watershed Geo®’s Revolutionary ClosureTurf®

Coal Ash Closures

Coal Ash Closures

When it comes to coal ash landfill development, operations, closure, and post-closure care, Watershed Geo is dedicated to unearthing eco-friendly solutions.  Watershed Geo designs, engineers, and installs coal ash closures (also known as engineered synthetic turf cover systems) throughout America. Our ash closures exceed EPA Subtitle D regulations and are the most trusted and highly regarded coal ash cover products on the market.

Coal combustion residuals (CCRs), commonly known as coal ash, have long been stored by power companies in coal combustion residual impoundments and landfills. CCRs are one of the largest industrial waste streams in the United States, with 110 million tons produced annually within the country. When disposed of improperly, coal ash can leak from landfills into ground or surface water, as well as contaminate the air. New EPA restrictions make it more important than ever to safely dispose of coal combustion residuals from coal-fired power plants in properly maintained surface impoundments and landfills.

A practical and economical solution to the problem of coal combustion residual, ClosureTurf® is a revolutionary Subtitle D compliant coal ash landfill closure comprised of three layers:

  • A 50 mil structural impermeable geomembrane with an integrated drainage layer for the efficient removal of water
  • Engineered synthetic turf to prevent erosion while delivering an aesthetically pleasing appearance
  • ½-inch sand infill for UV protection and better drainage

Watershed Geo’s ClosureTurf provides an answer to most of the management problems that CCR landfills experience, including slope erosion and vegetative maintenance, and groundwater monitoring compliance issues. There are many benefits when you choose ClosureTurf, including:

  • Durable, long-lasting synthetic grass that looks as beautiful as the day it was installed for years to come through nearly every extreme weather condition
  • Elimination of the need for truckloads of sand, dirt and vegetation
  • Rapid capping process reduces odors and improves gas collection yields
  • Weather-resistant enough to withstand torrential downpour and hurricane-force wind tests
  • Improved slope stability, allowing for a much steeper slope incline without soil erosion
  • Positive impact on overall stormwater quality, allowing sites to improve their effluent levels and meet or exceed regulatory limits
  • Resistance to wildlife
  • Effective filtering surface water, providing clean runoff with very low turbidity
  • Elimination of 99.9 percent of sediment run-off, leading to better landfill stability and aversion of slope failure
  • Effortless reclamation processes
  • Reduced carbon footprint by approximately 80 percent compared to other traditional soil/vegetative covers
  • Easy repairs
  • Elimination of cap infiltration, preventing rain from entering into the waste level

Watershed Geo® is dedicated to solving the world’s most pressing environmental problems, including soil erosion and soil sedimentation. As a leading developer of durable, long-lasting products that require little to no maintenance and reduce the risks associated with hazardous materials, Watershed Geo’s innovations in design and construction have helped to change the mining, waste management and soil erosion control industries. Contact Watershed Geo® today to reduce your carbon footprint, decrease costs associated with coal ash disposal, and receive a host of other benefits.