The Solid-i-Bag is a patent-pending product that transforms liquid waste into solid waste, ready for landfill disposal within minutes.  This process eliminates the need for solidification media, equipment, equipment operators, solidification pits, and the regulatory and industrial hygiene concerns associated with these types of operations.

Solid-i-Bag™ also facilitates the packaging and solidification of liquid waste streams at client locations due to its portability and ease of use. This cutting-edge technology converts liquid waste into solid waste, no free liquids, packaged and ready for transport and disposal.  All in a fraction of the time and costs of traditional means.

With an empty weight of approximately 115 lbs, the Solid-i-Bag is easy to manage.  Simply roll the bag out, insert the discharge hose, and fill to the 1,000-gallon capacity. Solid-i-Bag does the rest.  Within minutes it transforms water-based liquid waste* into 100% solid waste.  The material is contained within a durable rupture resistant package that is designed for convenient and safe transport and disposal.

The Solid-i-Bag can be used at remote project locations or at the working face of a landfill.  It can be easily transported by conventional means such as roll off container, end dump, vac box, walking floor, or flatbed trailers.  The bag dimensions are 14’ X 7.5’ and, when filled to capacity, produce a column height of approximately 27”.

Benefits of the Solid-i-Bag:

  • Solidifies most aqueous waste streams such as industrial and manufacturing process liquids & sludges, water based E&P waste, oil water separator waste, waste water treatment liquids & sludges, pond cleanout materials, etc. It is an excellent tool for onsite storm water management for projects or client locations.
  • Solid-i-Bag’s rugged yet lightweight design makes it easy to position, easy to fill, easy to transport, and easy to manage at the landfill. Its durable construction allows it to be safely transported, dumped, and pushed by a dozer.
  • Can provide significant cost savings to landfills by eliminating the need for the traditional solidification operation. No need for the equipment and operator, the solidification agent, the pit, and the expensive maintenance required.   The Solid-i-Bag can be rolled out at the work face, filled with liquid waste, then pushed into the trash.
  • Consumes no more airspace than the volume of liquids solidified within a bag.
  • Can provide landfill disposal costs savings for the environmental services sector and their clients, manufacturing, and government agencies by converting liquids solidification disposal rates into solid waste disposal rates.
  • Can be filled with a typical trash pump. No need for expensive vac trucks, frac tanks, or tanker trucks.  This eliminates the need for demerge, day rates, or rental fees. The bags can be transported for disposal via a common roll off box.
  • Can be stacked 3 to a roll off or vac box, or 5 to an end dump or flatbed trailer allowing for cost effective transportation**.

* Until process knowledge is established a sample of each waste stream should be tested for compatibility.
** The transporter’s permitted load limit should be considered to determine the proper number of bags transported per container or load.