Comprised of an engineered turf and permanently attached to a high strength polymer backing, VersaCap® is an aesthetically pleasing, intermediate cover for landfills designed to eliminate leachate production and erosion at the source while properly conveying gas emissions and improving gas collection efficiency. This dramatically lowers maintenance and operational costs over the life of the landfill.

Unlike exposed geomembrane covers that have to be replaced every few years, the VersaCap® product alone can last up to fifteen years. However, when combined with a bound infill material, the life of the product is increased to more than 50 years. This helps make VersaCap® the most versatile intermediate landfill cover system on the market today.


VersaCap Illustration

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  • Compared to traditional soil caps, VersaCap reduces operational costs and mitigates impact to groundwater. VersaCap eliminates downstream siltation and results in cleaner runoff and sediment ponds.
  • Eliminates the need for cap maintenance such as mowing, erosion repairs and the application of water, fertilizers and pesticides.
  • Unlike exposed geomembrane covers, VersaCap does not require weights. It is a wind-resistant membrane that is secured only by benching. The material can provide up to 15 years of life (based on climate) and can be taken up and redeployed in future areas. Seams are welded, not sewn, for higher strength properties.
  • Capping significantly controls fugitive emissions and reduces air pollution during the operational life of the landfill.

VersaCap™ Stays In Place, Unlike Exposed Geomembrane Covers

VersaCap™ Stays In Place
VersaCap™ Stays In Place
VersaCap™ Stays In Place