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Final/Incremental Landfill Closures

MSW & Industrial Landfill Closures

MSW Landfill Closures

ClosureTurf® is an EPA, Subtitle D Compliant landfill closure solution that is specifically designed to address and solve soil erosion, slope integrity, gas emission, installation and maintenance cost control, EPA regulation compliance, and longevity of structure and appearance.

Coal Ash Landfills

Coal Ashes Landfill

ClosureTurf is designed to solve soil erosion issues and protect the environment. Watershed Geosynthetics offers a complete line of closure products created specifically to address the critical needs of coal ash applications. By capping landfills and storage ponds with our patented 3 component  closure system, ClosureTurf can help reduce the hazards of uncapped coal ash, save on installation and maintenance costs, and improve the environment.

Landfill Gas Collection & Containment

Landfil lGas Collection

Watershed’s proprietary ClosureTurf gas venting system reduces, and sometimes eliminates, the need for deep gas wells or piping. It can function as a standalone system or in conjunction with a traditional system, and can dramatically improve collection while reducing oxygen intake levels. Under the ClosureTurf system, the gas rises to the surface due to gas generation pressure and then is subjected to surface-applied vacuum providing an efficient collection of gas while generating minimal condensate to be caught and managed.

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Intermediate Landfill Closures

Intermediate Closures

Comprised of an engineered turf and permanently attached to a high strength polymer backing for increased gas collection efficiency, VersaCap® is an intermediate, long-term cover for landfills that does not require additional maintenance once installed. Unlike exposed geomembrane covers that have to be replaced every few years, VersaCap can last up to fifteen years.

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Landfill Down Chutes

Down Chutes

Made exclusively for bench drains, down drains and down chute structures on landfill covers, HydroTurf® CS provides superior hydraulic performance—handling very high sheer forces created by high velocity and high volume flows.

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