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Effective Landfill Gas Control Solutions

Typical final cover systems eventually become damaged over time, and may develop problems related to slope veneer failure. Normal landfill gas collection and control systems, commonly referred to as GCCSs, comprise several large mechanical components and are designed to assist with odor and emissions control, as well as landfill gas migration control, to minimize unexpected explosions. In some cases, to address and solve additional leachate production problems, a geosynthetic leachate collection and removal system (LCRS) can be put in place.

Excessive landfill gas (LFG) pressure below the structured geomembrane barrier layers can also become problematic and will need to be swiftly addressed. To remedy this, sub-barrier layer LFG collection systems can be installed beneath the geomembrane to increase strength and stability in the site layout. LFG control systems are specifically designed to accommodate the varied, inconsistent nature of various different types of landfills, such as C&D (Construction and Demolition) landfills and Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) landfills.

When it comes to landfill gas control solutions, many different landfill liners, covers and/or capping systems are utilized together depending on the amount of waste present, as well as the specific contents of the site. Using our years of experience in the industry, the skilled team at Watershed Geo specializes in the design and construction of landfill waste and gas odor control products that guarantee that your landfill site is as safe and sanitary as possible.

Our landfill covers, liners and capping systems reduce leachate, storm water runoff and methane gas emissions. If you require dependable, cost-effective landfill gas collection and control products, ClosureTurf® and VersaCap® can help!

  • ClosureTurf® is an engineered Subtitle D compliant system designed to augment slope integrity and reduce landfill gas emissions. Consisting of a sand ballast layer placed onto a specialized synthetic grass turf top layer that features a polypropylene woven geotextile, it provides effective and efficient drainage capabilities. ClosureTurf® is suitable for full landfill closures as well as incremental landfill closures, and it ensures that your landfill is structurally solid, unyielding, durable, and long-lasting.
  • VersaCap® is an aesthetically pleasing intermediate landfill cover that reduces leachate while simultaneously improving gas collection efficacy. Featuring a state-of-the-art engineered turf adhered to a polyethyele ultraviolet resistant backing, VersaCap® helps to reduce maintenance costs and limit unpleasant landfill gas odors.

If you would like further details about our dedicated environmental and civil applications, including landfill remediation solutions, landfill gas odor control systems, landfill covers, waste management solutions and shoreline erosion control products, please do not hesitate to contact us online or call 770-777-0386 today! At Watershed Geo, our products have been internationally-patented (patent pending), and each is carefully tested to offer outstanding levels of reliability and performance.

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