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Environmental Geotechnical Engineering Erosion Control Products

Civil Engineering Erosion Applications

Erosion Control Application Failure

Erosion Control Application Failure

Geotechnical engineering specifically focuses on the engineering behavior of ground materials. Although it is a chief component of civil engineering, geotechnical engineering is utilized in different ways, including applications related to mining, landfill closures, coal ash combustion residuals, levee armoring, or anything else that involves underground or above-ground construction projects.

Typically, a site investigation is carried out first to review the requirements of the proposed project, gauge expenses and investigate other deciding factors, such as measuring the structural stability of the ground and how the project will influence the humans, plants and animals that inhabit the surrounding areas.

Site investigations are essential because they can expose potential natural hazards, including earthquakes, sinkholes, landslides and rockfalls. In many cases, structural improvements to a location’s foundations are necessary, especially when it comes to the construction of commercial buildings, bridges and offshore oil rig platforms. Adverse weather conditions can significantly damage the landscape and it is therefore essential that erosion control methods and applications are utilized.


Erosion Control Application Failure

Watershed Geo designs and constructs many erosion control products, with each suiting different end purposes (although many can be used in conjunction with each other). Erosion control applications are used in many civil and geotechnical engineering applications, such as freeways, railroads, embankments, canals, reservoirs, dams and landfills. These products are suitable when dependability and sturdiness are a prerequisite, given that their foremost functions focus on soil reinforcement, drainage, filtration and containment.

Geotechnical Services and Erosion Control Products

VersaCap™ Geotechnical Engineering

VersaCap® Geotechnical Engineering

Geotechnical services and erosion control products include the use of engineered turf and geomembrane systems such as ClosureTurf®, a Subtitle D compliant landfill closure solution that is manufactured by Watershed Geo. An engineered turf featuring a highly transmissive structured geomembrane, it helps improve landfill slope integrity. ClosureTurf’s proprietary system also reduces gas emissions and can be used for applications such as coal ash landfill closures, MSW (Municipal Solid Waste) landfills, industrial landfills and sludge lagoons.

Other Geotechnical Engineering Products Available From Watershed Geo

  • VersaCap® – An engineered turf landfill cover that, unlike other conventional exposed geomembrane covers, does not have to be replaced in the future, its strong polyethylene (PE) geomembrane backing assists in gas collection early in the landfill cycle, reduces leachate, decreases soil erosion and limits gas odor. A VersaCap® installation means reduced maintenance expenses, since the product can last up to 15 years.
  • TerraArmor™ – This is an extremely durable engineered turf synthetic ground cover with polyethylene (PE) backing that is used for different erosion control applications, including MSE walls, gravity walls and cantilever walls. TerraArmor helps to maintain the solidarity of these types of walls by covering the secondary reinforcement with a layer of engineered turf that features an impermeable PE backing. It also increases performance and functionality as well as also improving the surroundings from a visual standpoint.
  • HydroTurf® Z/HydroTurf® CS – These advanced revetment systems provide hard armoring solutions to hydraulic structures that need to tolerate high velocity and shear stress on a continuous basis. HydroTurf CS is made exclusively for bench drains, down drains and down-chute structures on landfill covers, while HydroTurf Z is ideal for less critical applications that involve lower velocities and reduced flow conditions. HydroTurf offers a long-term, hard-wearing surface layer for embankments, levees, riverbanks and flood banks, along with an exceptional durability that highlights its 50-year lifespan.
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