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Landfill Covers, Liners and Capping Systems

Environmental Landfill Covers

In landfills around the world, discarded waste naturally creates noxious gases, unpleasant odors and leachate. Many different types of waste products are regularly deposited in landfills, such as paper sludge, coal ash, residential and commercial trash, hazardous waste materials and construction debris. For instance, because energy companies burn coal to provide our homes with electricity, the residuals from this process create an ash byproduct. While some of this can be reused, the rest goes into landfills. Regardless of the type of waste that is placed in landfills, these areas need to be properly covered or closed.

In Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) landfills, a vast array of different waste materials have to be managed during the decomposition process, including methane gas emissions, storm water runoff and leachate (a liquid that picks up residual contaminants while passing through the waste). At Watershed Geo, we design and manufacture landfill covers, liners and capping systems that effectively combat organically occurring challenges like leachate, methane gas emissions and storm water runoff associated with landfill waste.

  • ClosureTurf® Landfill Cover

    ClosureTurf® Landfill Cover

    ClosureTurf® is an engineered Subtitle D compliant system that is specifically designed to address and solve soil erosion failure and gas system failure, as well as promoting slope integrity and reducing gas emissions. Furthermore, its unique horizontal Surficial Gas System offers a far more efficient process of collecting gas emissions than the labor-intensive vertical system of pipes and wells that are employed by traditional landfill closure systems. ClosureTurf™ also ensures the longevity and durability of landfills from a structural standpoint, and is suitable for final landfill closures (full closures or incremental closures).

  • VersaCap™ Landfill Cover

    VersaCap® Landfill Cover

    VersaCap® is an attractive intermediate cover for landfills that is created to eliminate leachate while at the same time properly conveying gas emissions and improving gas collection efficiency. Comprised of an engineered turf and attached to a polyethylene (PE) ultraviolet resistant backing, it reduces maintenance and operational costs as well as promoting landfill gas odor control.

  • HydroTurf Down Chute

    HydroTurf® CS Landfill Cover

    HydroTurf® CS is exclusively designed for use with bench drains, down drains and down-chute structures on landfill covers. It supplies superior hydraulic performance and can handle high sheer forces created by high velocity and high volume flows.

Watershed Geo specializes in landfill waste capping products that ensure safe and sanitary landfills for years to come. For more information about our specialized environmental applications, including our landfill reclamation and remediation solutions, please contact us today.

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