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Keller Reservoir Diversion Structure

    • Project Type: Embankment Overtopping
    • Location: Lock Haven, PA
    • Owner: City of Lock Haven
    • Engineer:  City of Lock Haven
    • Size:  3,600 sq ft
    • Completed: October 2014
    • Product: HydroTurf® Z
Raystown Lake Seven Points Recreation Area

Raystown Lake Seven Points Recreation Area

    • Project Type: Shoreline Protection
    • Location: Raystown Lake, PA
    • Owner: US Army Corps of Engineers
    • Completed: March 2015
    • Size: 2,500 sq ft
    • Product:  HydroTurf® Z

Giant Eagle

    • Project Name: Giant Eagle
    • Project Type: Channel Bank Protection
    • Location: Meadville, PA
    • Owner: Giant Eagle
    • Size: 3200 sf
    • Completed: May 2015
    • Product: HydroTurf® Z
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