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USC Parking Lot Restoration
USC Parking Lot Restoration
USC Parking Lot Restoration

University of South Carolina Parking Lot Restoration

    • Project Type: Channel Armoring
    • Location: Columbia, SC
    • Owner: University of South Carolina
    • Engineer:  Fuss & O’Neil
    • Size:  3,600 sq ft
    • Completed:  March 2015
    • Product:  HydroTurf® Z

Haile Gold Mine

    • Project Name: Haile Gold Mine
    • Project Type: Perimeter Channel and Spillway
    • Location: Kershaw, SC
    • Owner: Haile Gold Mine Inc.
    • Engineer: NewFields
    • Size: 40,000 sq ft
    • Completed: April 2016
    • Product: HydroTurf® CS