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An Advanced Storm Water Management System for Landfills

HydroTurf® is an innovative, environmentally-friendly alternative revetment to rock and
concrete hard armor for landfill storm water management systems. It is a patented, three-component system made up of a structured geomembrane, an engineered synthetic turf
and a specialized cementitious infill called HydroBinder®. Created specifically for hydraulic
applications on landfills, HydroTurf will flex and move with typical differential settlements
without compromising performance. It provides superior hydraulic performance capable of
handling large flows resulting in very high velocities.

HydroTurf can be used in any storm water management application, including downchutes, perimeter channels, bench drains, outfall structures, slopes and basin.

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HydroTurf® offers rapid, low impact installation that’s significantly less costly than hard armor and piping, and it is projected to last more than 50 years when properly maintained. The system also provides many environment benefits. By effectively filtering surface water, the end result is clean runoff with very low turbidity. In addition, it significantly reduces sediment loading in channels and sedimentation/detention basins both on and offsite. By offering superior erosion control, pointedly less turbidity and significantly less maintenance, HydroTurf provides a superior solution for landfill storm water management systems over traditional methods.

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