Lemons Sanitary Landfill

MSW Landfill



Dexter, MO


Republic Services


Weaver Consultants Group


15 Acres

Date completed


Lemons Sanitary Landfill is the first approved final closure in Missouri to use ClosureTurf. The site struggled with availability and quality of soil to close with a traditional vegetative cap. Because ClosureTurf requires no soil to close, it reduced the number of truckloads required to bring in soil and reduced the over carbon footprint. It also reduces the amount of maintenance activities required during the post closure care period including, seeding, fertilizing mowing, and the rebuilding of slopes due to weather events. 

In its eleventh year of in-ground performance, ClosureTurf has proved its ability to solve erosion challenges for landfill final covers. Over 2,500 acres have been installed and are performing successfully around the country even in areas where extreme weather has hit. It has been tested and subjected to significant, if not historic weather events, including, hurricanes, extreme rainfall, flooding, high winds, harsh winters and seismic events. ClosureTurf has held up under conditions that would result in complete washout, failure and rebuilding of traditional solutions.