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Project Description

Hartford Central Connecticut – Municipal Solid Waste Landfill Closure

    • Location: Hartford, CT
    • Type: Municipal Solid Waste Landfill Closure

Owned by the Materials Innovation and Recycling Authority (MIRA), the state-of-the-art 39-acre and one megawatt Solar Electricity Generating Facility (Solar EGF) is the first in Connecticut to use the ClosureTurf®system and the first to generate solar power.

ClosureTurf was chosen as the final cap system because of numerous environmental benefits, including having only 18% of the carbon footprint of a traditional vegetative cover.  It conserved 100,000 cubic yards of clean, virgin soil that would have been required and eliminated 18,000 truck trips that would have been needed to deliver the soil onto the site.  ClosureTurf also eliminated the potential impacts of slope erosion on the surrounding community, which consisted of many thriving businesses.

By utilizing ClosureTurf as a foundation for solar, the state was able to turn an unusable space into an environmental asset that, at peak, powers about 1,000 homes per day. The engineered synthetic turf system allows the solar panels to operate in a clean and easily accessible environment free of dust, grass clippings and potential damage from lawn mowing equipment for the highest possible efficiency.

In addition to these benefits, CRRA ultimately chose ClosureTurf®  over other options for the following specific components, according to the State’s closure review summary:

  • Ability to be walked on or driven across by light rubber tire vehicles without product damage
  • Repair options that cost significantly less than comparable systems
  • Aesthetically superior to competitor closure systems
  • A membrane with an overall proven track record in landfill closure applications

As acknowledgement for their innovative approach, MIRA and Fuss & O’Neill was awarded a SWANA Excellence Award in the category of Landfill Redevelopment.

“When we began working with the City of Hartford on the future of the landfill, we wanted to find innovative ways to use the land. Solar energy was an idea we all agreed on right away.”

Thomas D. Kirk, CRRA president (CRRA is now MIRA Hartford)

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