Solar Collection System

The nature of the ClosureTurf® system design provides an excellent foundation for environmentally friendly renewable energy through the implementation of solar panel arrays. ClosureTurfʼs unique cover system enables solar panels to operate in a clean environment free of dust, grass clippings and potential damage from lawn mowing equipment for the highest possible efficiency.

Why Siting Solar On Landfills Is Superior To Other Sites Including Green Fields

  • Productive use – financially and environmentally – of wasted land resource
  • Receives superior financial incentives in some jurisdictions
  • Prevents clear-cutting and grading of forests and green fields
  • Makes use of existing access roads, storm water management, and security perimeters
  • Hidden from public view
Why ClosureTurf Is More Well-Suited To Host Solar Than Even Traditional Landfills

  • Zero vegetative maintenance and soiling from clippings and dust – increases durability and efficiency, reduces risk of damage
  • Provides superior access and support for maintenance equipment
  • Significantly less site prep required
  • Significantly reduced risk of washout
Solar Panels on ClosureTurf™ system
Solar Panels on ClosureTurf
Solar panels on ClosureTurf