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TerraArmor serves to maintain the structural integrity of an MSE wall by covering the secondary reinforcement with an engineered synthetic grass. The system provides a UV-resistant and erosion resistant cover which functions to dramatically increase the longevity of the wall.

The UV-resistant cover layer’s tufting density and the length of the grass pile are designed to drape and provide cover protection that both shields and shades the secondary reinforcement below. The synthetic grass has a composition of polyethylene synthetic yarns and engineered backing specifically designed for this application and can provide protection for more than 60 years.  Current installations of TerraArmor have dramatically improved the appearance and service life of retrofitted and newly constructed walls.

Before SynterraWall Application Hayward Baker Construction

BEFORE TerraArmor Application

After SynterraWall Application Hayward Baker Construction

AFTER TerraArmor Application

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