A cost-effective, high performance intermediate cover solution for landfills that is impermeable and wind-resistant, reduces leachate, prevents erosion, contains and controls landfill gas, and lessens environmental and safety risks prior to final closure.

What is CAPSURE™?

capsure material

CapSure™ is a two-component, intermediate cover system featuring a “high-grab”, specialized geomembrane overlain by a windbreak layer engineered to reduce wind uplift. The geomembrane is formed with talons to mechanically adhere the windbreak layer. The windbreak layer is aerodynamically engineered to reduce wind uplift of the entire system. CapSure is an intermediate cover system which has been developed to provide protection for more than 15 years. It provides significant reduction in landfill operations and maintenance costs while increasing the environmental protection of the site.

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CapSure™ Features:


The impermeable nature of the technology significantly reduces water infiltration and leachate generation resulting in lower treatment costs.


CapSure is a thin system that reduces the need for a thick layer of soil. It can also be easily removed for future waste placement.


CapSure provides a safe, slip-resistant surface such that operations and maintenance personnel can easily and safely access equipment and monitoring devices within the system.


CapSure allows the operator to gain control over odors and fugitive gas emissions in a rapid and efficient manner. Watershed Geo’s patented pressure relief valves and surficial collection systems can be integrated with CapSure to enhance the overall system performance against gas and wind uplift.


The geomembrane component of CapSure™ is installed using commonly known methods for deployment and seaming. The windbreak layer is placed over and secured to the geomembrane. Where the panels meet, the windbreak layer is mechanically fastened, not sewn, for improved installation productivity. Typical anchor trenches are used at perimeter terminations.

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