A patented, revolutionary solar system for landfills and impoundments.

What is Powercap?

Because PowerCap is directly attached to the ClosureTurf capping system with no penetrations, racking material is eliminated, installation becomes easier, the entire site can be utilized including side slopes and maintenance is dramatically reduced. Best of all, the power per unit area is increased by more than 35%. Download our brochure to learn more.

Powercap Features:

Increased Density

Significantly higher power per acre for various surface slope angles.

Lower Cost & Simple

Faster and easier installation.

Patent Pending Attachment System

No need for traditional racking.

Unique Design Options

Including panel tilt to maximize production.

Highly Versatile, Aesthetic Design

Ultra thin and seamless integration as an array

Adjustable Mounting System

Allows for various panel configuration such as mono-facial, bi-facial and dual-glass.

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