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Watershed Geo® provides solutions for ongoing problematic environmental issues. We continually challenge traditional solutions with systems that are sustainable, low-cost and engineered for extreme performance. Our products solve an array of issues in industries such as geotechnical engineering, waste management, erosion control and mining.

A final landfill closure system that exceeds Subtitle-D requirements, eliminates erosion and controls gas emissions.

An engineered revetment armoring solution specifically designed to manage concentrated, high velocity surface water flow.

An erosion-resistant, reusable intermediate engineered turf cover that reduces operational headaches and allows for increased gas collection efficiency before final closure.


A revolutionary new approach to solar on landfills and impoundments, directly attached to the ClosureTurf capping system with no penetrations, eliminating racking material.

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A high-performance intermediate cover solution for landfills that is impermeable and wind-resistant, reduces leachate, prevents erosion, and contains and controls landfill gas.

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Our patented product systems are being used in a variety of industries from the smallest municipalities to large, 300+ acre industrial and utility sites.


Our product systems provide predictable performance over traditional solutions in industries such as geotechnical engineering, waste management, erosion control and renewable energy. Each system is designed and tested to perform under any environmental condition.

Lab Tested

Innovation starts in the lab. Our product systems undergo and pass the most strenuous tests in the industry, often exceeding standard requirements. To further ensure we meet field conditions, our engineers and product R&D teams create unique scenarios using extreme pressure mechanisms and pushing performance to the max.

field tested

With over 2,800 acres installed in over forty states, our products have performed as designed with no failures, even through major weather such as 500-year storm events. We have projects with over 10 years of proven performance replacing traditional system designs that have continued to fail due to poor soil quality, steep applications and obsolete technologies.


Our product systems reduce both short-term construction costs associated with materials, equipment and installation time, and long-term maintenance costs including re-vegetation, mowing, fertilization, irrigation, and erosion repairs.


Carbon footprint is reduced by over 90% during construction with ClosureTurf. In addition, the system provides clean runoff with very low turbidity because it does not have a soil layer. ClosureTurf reduces, if not eliminates, many environmental impacts.

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