HydroTurf is an economically, environmentally friendly hardened erosion armoring technology, specifically designed to reduce construction and long-term maintenance costs.

What is Hydroturf®?

HydroTurf® is an engineered revetment solution designed to provide armoring of hydraulic structures against high velocity and shear stress. It offers the aesthetics of vegetation combined with better performance than traditional hard armor. It is also significantly less costly than other traditional methods. Construction of the system is rapid, low impact and scalable, reducing the carbon footprint. HydroTurf  provides an impermeable geomembrane protected by engineered turf which is infilled with HydroBinder®, resulting in a fiber reinforced high-strength concrete matrix.

Hydroturf® Features:

Excellent Hydraulic Performance

HydroTurf has been extensively tested in full-scale laboratories and project applications for extreme hydraulic performance.

50+ Year Functional Longevity

Through long-term weathering tests, HydroTurf is designed to have a 50+ year functional longevity when properly maintained.

Reduction in Carbon Footprint

HydroTurf has a lower carbon footprint (75 to 85%) less than that of other traditional hardened revetment solutions.

Less Costly Construction

HydroTurf is significantly less costly than hard armor revetment systems (e.g. concrete, rock riprap, and articulated concrete block). Installed cost for HydroTurf® is typically up to 50% less than that for traditional hard armor systems.

Significant Long-Term Maintenance Cost Savings

Vegetation management and erosion control are significant maintenance costs for Anchored Turf Reinforcement Mat (TRM) products. Maintenance costs for these TRMs may be as high as $1,500/acre/year. HydroTurf requires minimal maintenance and will drastically lower long-term maintenance budgets.

Rapid, Low Impact and Scalable Construction

Construction and installation of the HydroTurf system are rapid, low impact and scalable. Only small, light-weight construction equipment is needed for installation. On large projects, one (1) construction crew is able to install approximately 1 acre per day. Additional crews can be added to increase this rate.


Stays green all year, and looks and feels like natural vegetation

Product & Technical Resources

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How much does HydroTurf cost?

The cost of a HydroTurf installation varies depending on factors like product configuration, location, and project complexity. However, it’s essential to understand that HydroTurf offers exceptional value compared to other hard armor solutions, typically at half the price. Investing in HydroTurf means investing in long-term benefits and peace of mind for your infrastructure. To learn more about how HydroTurf can benefit your project, contact WatershedGeo with your project details for a personalized assessment of its value.

Are there different types and colors of HydroTurf?
HydroTurf is available in two system configurations.  HydroTurf CS is typically used for high velocity conditions and for protection of critical structures.  HydroTurf Z is ideal for less critical applications involving lower velocities and flow conditions.  Each system is available in six color styles.
How long does HydroTurf last?

Through long-term weathering tests, HydroTurf is designed to have a 50+ year functional longevity when properly maintained.

Request access to our Design Center for documents such as Performance Testing, CAD Details, Specifications, and Design and Installation Manuals.


Hydroturf® Applications 

Storm Water Management Systems
Channel & Streambank Stabilization
Pipeline Right-of-Way Applications
Shoreline & Bank Protection
Dam Overtopping
Slope Protection
D.O.T. Roadside Applications
Outfall Structures
Roof Ballast

Installation Process

Learn more about how HydroTurf can help you on your next revetment project.

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