Photo 1 - Solar Panel Ballast System
The nature of the ClosureTurf™ System is that it provides an excellent environment for generating renewable energy through the incorporation of solar panel arrays.  The ClosureTurf™ geosynthetic cover system enables panels to operate in a clean setting free of dust, grass clippings, and potential damage from lawn mowing equipment providing a setting for the highest possible efficiency.

Photovoltaic panels are easily integrated with the ClosureTurf™ System – either within the engineered synthetic turf layer or attached to a universal rack that sits on top of the system.  Also, the exceptionally durable, heavy load bearing ClosureTurf™ platform enables accessibility for installation, maintenance and replacement of the PV panels.  ClosureTurf™ can be transformed into a positive energy source that benefits site operators and adds value to the entire community.  ClosureTurf™ with solar panel arrays result in a significant post-closure use of expansive landfill acreage.