Final Landfill Cover

Rush Island Energy Center Ash Pond Closure

Festus, MO

Ameren Corporation, a Missouri and Illinois power company, chose to use ClosureTurf® for their 111-acre Rush Island Ash Pond Closure located in Festus, MO. Rush Island is the third-largest energy center operated by Ameren Missouri.

ClosureTurf helped to eliminate many of the issues presented in a traditional landfill cover. Using ClosureTurf on this project eliminated the risk and associated liability of a trucking accident with the 50,000+ trucks of soil that would have been required for a traditional soil cover, as no additional soil was needed for this install. 

Another benefit of using ClosureTurf is the time saved on construction. Compared to a traditional vegetated cover, ClosureTurf can be installed in roughly one-third of the time. Additionally, installation time is not delayed by weather, as construction can resume the day immediately following inclement weather, while traditional soil caps can be postponed by several days. 

Watershed Geo is able to provide long-term benefits to the client as well. Since the installation in 2020, there have been no maintenance costs acquired. Requiring only a yearly visual inspection, any recurring maintenance costs such as mowing or erosion repair were eliminated. 

ClosureTurf® is a fast and easy to install, three component system designed to create an aesthetically pleasing, cost-effective landfill closure solution. With thousands of acres installed, ClosureTurf has proven to be superior in performance when compared to other cover solutions.
Project Type CCR Impoundment
Owner Ameren Corporation
Engineer Haley & Aldrich - Cleveland; Geotechnology, A UES Company – St. Louis
Contractor Blankenship Construction
Installer Geo-Synthetics Systems LLC (GSI Babcock Power)
Size 111 Acres
Date Completed 2020