Final Landfill Cover

U.S. Ecology Robstown

Robstown, TX

U.S. Ecology Inc., a Republic Services Company recently used ClosureTurf® on their Subtitle C, 46-acre hazardous waste landfill closure project in Robstown, TX.

This was Watershed Geo’s first hazardous waste project in Texas, working closely with U.S. Ecology to address their complex waste management needs in the treatment and disposal of hazardous waste. While the permitting process for this project was challenging at times, Watershed Geo was able to help U.S. Ecology through each step of the approval process with a very positive end result.  

Watershed Geo was able to help drive the permitting process through by offering the long-term benefit option of adding solar to the landfill. ClosureTurf provides an ideal foundation for a future solar array. It eliminates vegetative maintenance, reduces soiling from clippings and dust and improves access for O&M. 

Another benefit of using ClosureTurf over a traditional vegetated cover for this project was that the site deals with high, gusting winds, making it very challenging to grow and sustain vegetation, especially on their steeper slopes. Once ballasted and the sand infill was in place, ClosureTurf provided a solution that eliminated the need for vegetation and has experienced no wind uplift, making it perfectly suitable to these conditions. They were also looking for a solution that required minimal maintenance once closed. This is the first 46-acre cell of an eventual 200 acres that will be closed using ClosureTurf in the coming years.  

ClosureTurf® is a fast and easy to install, three component system designed to create an aesthetically pleasing, cost-effective landfill closure solution. With thousands of acres installed, ClosureTurf has proven to be superior in performance when compared to other cover solutions.
Product Type ClosureTurf® - 100% Green
Project Type Hazardous Waste
Owner U.S. Ecology Inc., A Republic Services Company
Engineer U.S. Ecology Inc., A Republic Services Company
Installer AEG Tetra Tech
Size 46 Acres
Date Completed 2022