for erosion control, soil stabilization, and waste management

American Electric Power
Valhalla Golf Club
International Paper
Tangipahoa Park Solid Waste Management
Montgomery County, Tennessee
U.S. Air Force
Escambia County Florida
City of Portola, California
B&W Pantex
Terminus Wake Park
Chester County Solid Waste Authority
Covanta Energy
The Delaware Solid Waste Authority
Environmental Waste Solutions
Holcim Inc.
IESI Progressive Waste Solutions Company
Materials Innovation and Recycling Authority Connecticut
Salinas Valley Solid Waste Authority
St Johns River Water Management District
Vogel Disposable Services
BASF Chemical Company

Soil Erosion Control and Geotechnical Engineering Applications


SWANA National Gas Management Gold Award – Timber Ridge Landfill Closure

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HydroTurf® Advanced Revetment Technology Wins Honorable Mention Award for the 2014 IFF Innovation

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The Annual FabricLink Network Top 10 Textile Innovation Awards Presented to Watershed Geosynthetics’ HydroTurf® CS and HydroTurf® Z

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Over 25 Million Square Feet Installed and Closing

US Map of ClosureTurf Installations

WatershedGeo®  provides solutions for ongoing problematic environmental issues. We have spent our careers dedicated to improving the industry through innovation in design and construction. Our products solve an array of issues in industries such as geotechnical engineering, waste management, erosion control and mining. There are deployments in over 18 states to date with many more sites in the planning stage.

WatershedGeo®  products are designed with compliance, longevity and versatility in mind. They have been lab and field tested prior to site deployments, and set the standard for geosynthetics. Testing has included wind tunnels that produced hurricane force winds, rainfall intensities far beyond typical design storm scenarios, and longevity testing in the deserts of Arizona.

WatershedGeo® produces products that reduce carbon footprint, eliminate erosion, and resist extreme weather conditions. All of this is accomplished while providing an aesthetically pleasing look that will last for decades. These innovative solutions are domestically and internationally patented and deliver both quality and value.

Watershed Geo Erosion Management

Our range of versatile geosynthetic armoring products within the environmental and civil sectors include:

  • ClosureTurf® (for use with landfill closure systems and solar panel arrays)
  • HydroTurf® (for high and low hydraulic shear protections, such as levee soil erosion)
  • VersaCap® (for the reduction of leachate and gas emissions)
  • TerraArmor™ (for MSE wall stabilization)
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ClosureTurf Product Featured

ClosureTurf® is a final/incremental landfill closure product that exceeds Subtitle-D requirements and eliminates erosion, fugitive gas emissions and high costs.
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HydroTurf Water Testing

An engineered revetment armoring solution specifically designed to manage concentrated, high velocity surface water flow.
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VersaCap Turf Application

An erosion-resistant, recyclable intermediate engineered turf cover that reduces operational headaches and allows for increased gas collection efficiency before final closure.
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TerraArmor™ Turf Application

A “green” earth-wall armoring, support mechanism to help stabilize artificial earth walls against wind or water erosion increasing longevity of wall.
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