for erosion control, soil stabilization, and waste management

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Soil Erosion Control and Geotechnical Engineering Applications

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Watershed Geo takes ecological problems and the ongoing changes to our environment extremely seriously. We use our years of experience in the industry as well as our dedication and innovation to design and construct environmental and civil products that address numerous ecological issues, including products that help with soil erosion management, geotechnical engineering, soil stabilization, mining erosion control, landfill covers, and construction and demolition waste reduction. The products we manufacture are invaluable for states including but not limited to Colorado, Texas, Iowa, New Mexico, Tennessee, Georgia, Maine, Minnesota, Arizona and California.

Every one of our products is compliant, dependable and extremely versatile, while also functioning to the highest of not only lab testing but field testing standards. In addition, each product is weather resistant and can handle hurricane force winds and intense levels of rainfall. Watershed Geo wants to make a difference to our planet in the most positive way possible, and we believe that our engineered environmental and civil geosynthetic applications prove invaluable throughout locations that require assistance with soil erosion control, levee erosion reduction, waste containment and landfill closure capping systems.

Watershed Geo is an Alpharetta, Georgia-based geosynthetic company that specializes in the creation of specially engineered solutions that remedy some of the planet’s greatest challenges, require only a small amount of maintenance, and effortlessly stand the test of time year after year. We are proud to offer a range of products that provide soil erosion and waste management control solutions for urban and rural settings, as well as along coastlines around North America.

The overarching goal at Watershed Geo is to design and construct durable ecological solutions that help address the issues that continue to plague the world, while at the same time delivering aesthetically-pleasing and cost-effective results. Our products are internationally-patented and tested to ensure the highest levels of quality, convenience and value.

Watershed Geo Erosion Management

Our range of versatile geosynthetic armoring products within the environmental and civil sectors include:

  • ClosureTurf (for use with landfill closure systems and solar panel arrays)
  • HydroTurf (for high and low hydraulic shear protections, such as levee soil erosion)
  • VersaCap (for the reduction of leachate and gas emissions)
  • TerraArmor (for MSE wall stabilization)
ClosureTurf Product Featured

ClosureTurf is a final/incremental landfill closure product that exceeds Subtitle-D requirements and eliminates erosion, fugitive gas emissions and high costs.
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HydroTurf Water Testing

An engineered revetment armoring solution specifically designed to manage concentrated, high velocity surface water flow.
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VersaCap Turf Logo
VersaCap Turf  Application

An erosion-resistant, recyclable intermediate engineered turf cover that reduces operational headaches and allows for increased gas collection efficiency before final closure.
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SynterraWall Turf Application

A “green” earth-wall armoring, support mechanism to help stabilize artificial earth walls against wind or water erosion increasing longevity of wall.
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